Makin’ Memories Monday: New Zealand

Getting to write a travel blog is always exciting, but I love hearing about trips that you all take! Especially when that trip is as memorable as this one. This New Zealand dream vacation needs no introduction, so check out what Veronica had to say here:

12079651_10204190480474503_1433914280043046026_nSo this summer I decided it was time to check the number one thing off my bucket list, a trip to New Zealand. I had fallen in love with New Zealand after seeing its beauty transformed in to The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit trilogies. This was going to be BIG and I knew I had to do it right! I decided to go with a Contiki Tour. Touring is my favorite way to travel. You hotel and transportation is all set up for you, and all you have to worry about is doing what you want to do! I also love the inclusions that come along with the tour because it gets you involved in the places you are staying and you try things you might not normally do. Activities like a Shotover Jet ride in Queenstown to get our adrenaline pumping, and a brewery tour and tasting to get us hooked on some local brews. But 12047033_10204167159731499_8902687457062441813_nmy FAVORITE part about touring is the people. The first people i must give pros to are our driver and guide, who where to New Zealand natives. They shared with us their favorite spots around town, and their own personal stories about each location around the country. They are the most invaluable part of any tour. However, the people that make the trip are your tour companions. A group of people, from all over the world, coming together to have the trip of a lifetime! What is better than that. It give you someone to share your experiences with. I now have 50 new friends that can laugh WITH me about my bungy jumping skills, and in return I got to watch the majority of my group (who mostly were Australian) see snow for the first time! There is always someone to have an experience with whether you want to pretend you are an Middle Earth elf, or you want to go out and dance the night away. You have a group that is all part of the 12039548_10204179358996473_4949276166324057460_nexperience. A tour, and definitely a Contiki tour, MAKES a trip easy and great.

So now I am back, and everyone who has known me (and knows how badly I have always wanted to go to New Zeland) is eager to know how my dream trip was, but here is where I ran into a problem. I would say, ‘IT WAS AMAZING……” and just sort of taper off. Now, having been all over the world, people are used to me talking their ear off about my adventures and the places I has been, but I just couldn’t find the words to talk about New Zealand. How do I describe something that blew my 12038376_10204163822488070_5252068867806227200_nexpectations away? How do I describe how the air was so fresh and crisp I didn’t need coffee in the morning? How do I describe the (terrifying) thrill of jumping off a mountain with nothing but some elastic around my waist? How do tell people that the name ‘The Remarkables’ doesn’t even begin to describe the south island mountain range? How do I describe the honor of watching the Maori people perform a traditional Haka? How do I describe the exact shade of blue that a glacier fed lake is, when my pictures don’t even come close? How do I describe being able to walk around Hobbiton, and being a part of Lord of the Rings? How do you tell people that you teared up when saying goodbye to a group of people you have only known two weeks? The list goes on and on! I still don’t have an answer, and I’ve been back two weeks. But I am so happy that I haven’t been able to find it easy to talk about, because that is how it should be when you make you dream trip come true. Thats why that place is number one your list. Do not let that dream trip, 12043152_10204179358196453_4985462717043700260_nthat number one spot on your list, just sit there. Do it, and maybe my loss of words will make sense. How was my trip to New Zealand? Well, it was indescribable.

Interested in following in Veronica’s footprints? Give us a call today 920.236.7777. We’ll take you to the land of hobbits and hijinks. For more pictures of Veronica’s trip or and many other trips we are a part of check out our Pinterest by following this link:

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