Ocean Vs. River Cruising

Because it’s Cruise Month, I thought it would be fun if we talked a little bit about the difference between Ocean and River cruising. Being in the business we have many people that love both and others that highly prefer one to the other. Let me lay out a few comparisons and differences of both so you can see, which one is your next big getaway.

Carnival-Freedom-Cruise-ShipAlthough there are many ways to compare and contrast Ocean and River cruising I have stuck with just a few. First is the ships themselves. Ocean liners are much much larger than riverboats. They hold anywhere from 1200-5000 passengers and offer travelers endless activities. They are basically floating cities themselves. Whether you seek a wide variety of restaurants, bars, entertainment and nightlife, Ocean cruises will not let you down. River cruises on the other hand are much more intimate. They typically hold 60-220 passengers and offer very little in the form of activities on board. Often times there will be a media/library area, gym, small pool and possibly a
salon. What they lack in amenities they make up for in views though. Riverboats only offer outside cabins, meaning every room at every price point will have spectacular views. Ocean cruises on the other hand have a wide variety of room types. They start with the least expensive, inner cabins, and continue up to their luxury suites. Inside cabins do not have views outside the ship. But when comparing standard rooms all the way up to luxury suites both River cruises and Ocean liners are quite similar on both.

Looking next at the pvikingrivercruisesassenger demographic. It is important for travelers to know what they should expect when travelling. Ocean cruising, although some itineraries are for specific demographics, generally have an array of guests. A lot of families, because of all the activities, young people, adventurous older travelers and spring breakers. There is truly something for everyone on an Ocean cruise and that is why so many different types of travelers take them. River cruising on the other hand is generally more expensive so it draws an older crowd. These travelers may not consider Ocean cruising, but stick to their riverboats.

Carnival Cruise ShipOne last key component when trying to decide what type of cruising is right for you is looking at the itineraries. Ocean cruising is typically done in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and the Mediterranean, basically anywhere warm and tropical. And although these ships do port about 3-4 times during a 7 day cruise, most of your time will be spent on the ship. River cruise on the other hand port each day in a new city and are typically located in Europe with some in North America and Asia. They leave more time for exploring the cities, and get you front and center to some of your favorite towns.

Viking-Prestige-ShipPhotoHere is what Consultant Connie had to say about it: “Cruising is a great way to explore different places around the globe. I love the fact you unpack once but your destination is ever changing. I prefer River cruises because I love the old warm charm of Europe and my goal is to do one in Russia. As for ocean cruises they are a great way to see Alaska and Island hop. As for larger destinations like Europe, Australia and South America it is a great way to see many countries in a short period of time.”

Overall cruising is an exciting and adventurous way of travel. It allows you to see different places and experience new things each day without having to worry about getting around yourself. Whether Ocean cruising or Riverboats are more your speed we are happy to help you find the right destination and itinerary for you.

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