Trivia Tuesday

When I asked last week “what is the most visited tourist attraction” I didn’t realize how many conflicting views and numbers there would be. The one I was referring to was Time Square with 50 million visitors a year, but I have now found that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul gets almost double that many visits per year at just over 91 million. That being said, I will do a little feature on both Time Square and the Grand Bazaar.

times-square-at-nightTime Square, with its 50 million visitors per year is a bustling center for tourists and New Yorkers alike. Here you will find an array of billboards and advertisements, featuring clothing, models and of course Broadway plays. Time Square is the center of the Broadway theatre district located in Midtown on the Island of Manhattan in the city of New York City. With it’s over 300,000 visitors per day this is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Time Square, formerly known as Longacre Square was renamed in 1904. This was the result of the New York Times moving its headquarters to the newly finished Times Building. Time Square is also famous for its New Years Eve ball drop, which began in 1907 and attracts millions of visitors every year.

GrandBazaarHuge598-wideHallph2The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. It encompasses 61 covered streets as well as 3,000 shops. It is estimated that around 400,000 people visit the Bazaar every day, with around 91 million visiting annually. Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the Grand Bazaar was built in the year 1455. Sultan Mehmet II commissioned it as a place devoted to the trading of textiles. Today the Bazaar employs over 26,000 people and sells an array of spices, textiles, food, and souvenirs. It is being updated regularly to continue its tradition as a tourist and cultural hub.

For more information on either of these highly visited locations please call us at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule and appointment with one of our travel experts.

This week’s trivia question: “What does the term Lido deck mean?”

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