Make some new Memories

Family taking self portrait on beach

Generally our Makin Memories Monday is a time where we share client and consultant write-ups about trips they’ve taken and memories that they have made. Today we are going to take a little turn and talk about Makin your own Memories. Here at the office we have sat down and discussed how Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier every year. Just the other day I heard on the radio that some people are already completely done with all of their shopping. Now those people are a completely different topic, but this made us think about the “things” we get for Christmas.

19abbb49f1f50bd1b746a2233f68c06eAside from those stand out presents that impact our whole life and establish the thought that the Christmas season truly is magical, I bet most of us can’t name half the gifts we got even last year, let alone our whole lives. So this year why don’t you give one of those memorable magical Christmas gifts. Forget the “things” this year and give the gift of travel. Take your family out of the routine and strum up some family time. Look back on this Christmas and know exactly what you got, time with your family and memories that will last a lifetime.

Maybe you want to book a tropical getaway during Christmas vacation or maybe you want to plan a trip to Europe for the summer time. Either way we are here to build your perfect memory. We can tailor the trip that will restore your families faith in the magic of Christmas and bring you all closer together. Let us help you give the gift of memories.

To talk to a memory make give us a call at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to request an appointment.

Do you have a memory you want to share with us? Please visit our website and submit a testimonial, or feel free to email me

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