Where in the World Wednesday

Unknown 9.44.11 AMAfter a little bit of a break from our series on Norway, I am back at it, bringing you the city known as Paris of the North. Tromso, a former Whaling station is located 720 miles north of Oslo and is the largest city in the Arctic Circle with 72,000 people. But don’t let its northern location keep you away because of the cold. Tromso is much warmer than other cities located at the same latitude because of the warming effects of the Gulf Stream.

9c299e2314986944a9710cb8f7f76452Tromso holds the record for quite a few things. It is the location of the world’s most Northern University. Because of this the population of Tromso has continuously grown and averages around 75,000 people when school is in session. It houses a famous Historical Museum with exhibits the world’s largest collection of Sami culture. Sami, for those of you unfamiliar are an indigenous people inhabiting the artic area of Sapmi, which encompasses Northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and part of the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Other museums include the Polar museum, and an Iceberg shaped arctic cathedral. Which just happens to be the world’ s most northern Protestant Cathedral dating back to 1861. Tromso is also the location of the oldest wooden homes in Norway. Some of the oldest date back to 1789.

Tromso_88Often times when we travel, drinking water is a concern. Not in Tromso. The water here is so clean that the local Coca Cola factory doesn’t have to filter the water that it uses for production. This is the only instance where this happens in the entire world. Tromso is a beautiful location, one that houses history, art and culture like no other.

For more information on travel throughout Norway, please stay tuned to our Norway series, located here on our Where in the World Wednesday blog. Or give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website ambassadortravelltd.com

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