Trivia Tuesday

Last week on Trivia Tuesday I asked another question that we all already knew the answer to. “Is Travelling Good for your Relationship” if you answered with the obvious yes, then you would be correct. My true motive behind this was to use our trivia Tuesday as a stepping-stone to educate all of our wonderful readers about the benefits of traveling with your partner and what it can do for said relationship. Last week I proved to you all the vast health (both physical and mental) benefits of travelling in general, but while I was researching I noticed that there were a lot of benefits for couples, so I decided to make it an entirely different blog post. So here it is.

First off if you are in a new to somewhat new relationship, travelling together can give you insight into this person you are spending so much time with. According to Steve Brody, Clinical Psychologist, “At home we get into patterns, and we know what to expect. On the road, everything is changing and everything is on the fly. That’s as a good test of a relationship as there is.” Here you can learn how your partner reacts in situations, if they take directions, if they give them. It’s not necessarily finding out about how you travel together as it is how you interact in stressful or unknown situations.

According to couples who travel together reported having grown closer during the vacation, they had an ignited sense of closeness and intimacy. We all know that vacations can be romantic, heck that’s why hotels were invented, but it honestly goes beyond that. Couples need to work together, all decisions are made together, it breaks them out of their routines and allows them to listen to each other and come up with even the most simple decisions as a team.

Now all of these results come with stipulations. These are best-case scenarios. What I mean is couples that grow closer together during vacation are probably already the couples that are going to survive and are thriving in general. Couples that are on the rocks and have a hard time communicating are probably not going to experience this renewed sense of closeness and togetherness, instead travelling together may make them realize that they are not good communicators. But in all reality that may be a best-case scenario.

Overall what I am trying to say is that travel is a wonderful thing, its good for your health, it strengthens your good relationships and it gives you a better out look on life. For your opportunity to improve so many aspects in your life, call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

This Week’s Trivia: Which city is home to the world’s tallest ferris wheel? 

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