Irish I were in Ireland

11219310_10153725242201833_6071130322015494706_nIt has always been one of my dreams to go to Ireland, as an American many of us can say some of our ancestors are from there. With its beautifully green scenery, magical folklore and of course great drinks, this island has a lot to offer. Although I am landlocked for now you and I will both be able to live vicariously through travel consultant Connie because she just returned from an Adventures by Disney in Ireland. Read here what she had to say:

11954679_10153725242336833_5961391743195522026_n“From start to finish everything was taken care of. The two adventure guides are there to take care of your every whim. Our luggage was brought by staff at the hotel to our room and when we departed we didn’t see if again until the next hotel or castle that we were staying in. When we arrived at the hotel we always had express check in and went right up to our rooms. The city tour guides gratuities were all included in the vacation price so no need to constantly be reach in your pockets. The Adventure by Disney guides are the only people we had to tip. Breakfast and wifi at each of our hotels were included. In Dublin we did a city tour that is similar to our Duck Tour in the Wisconsin Dells. It was Viking themed and we all had hats on and everyone would “argh” past on unsuspecting people on the sidewalks. After departing Dublin we moved toward Killarney with a stop at Rock of Chashel. Once we were settled in at Killarney we went on a Ghost Walk. We learned from locals about the history and magical stories about the past. We ended in an abandoned Abbey to see if we could find any ghost. The second day in Killarney we traveled to Muckross House to have a privately guided tour and lunch after. That afternoon you could take a bike ride to the falls. The evening was filled with Kat Kearney’s Cottage and Irish food, dancing and our tour guide sang Oh Danny Boy (her voice was amazing!). The next morning we woke to continue or journey to Dromoland Castle with a stop along the way to kiss the Blarney Stone. The arrival at Dromoland Castle was so awesome when we were greeted by horses and hounds. When we approached the entrance the staff was lined up outside to greet us. My friend and I were brought to our room that was a special part of the castle that was added on for the arrival of a Queen that was to come and visit. 11953284_10153725243901833_4281397536843545185_nWe learned more of the story from our local guide that took us around the grounds of the Castle to tell us stories of the rich past. The next morning was my favorite. I got up and had a massage in the spa, then met up with my friend to learn about archery and then we had a friendly competition. Afterwards we continued onto see hawks, falcons and owls. We had them landing on our hands and heads while an expert explained the history of this traditional pastime. You could also partake in golf, biking, hiking, boating, or horseback riding. Our final full day in Ireland was spent at an Irish working farm and making scones. We then went onto Cliffs of Moher with a visit to O’Briens Tower to see the majestic scenery. As our journey comes to an end we have a memorable farewell dinner with a closing slide show of the photos.“

I don’t know about you, but each thing Connie described sounds like an Irish dream come true. Staying in castles, learning about history from locals and enjoying Irish food. For those of you who don’t know Adventures by Disney is Disney’s highest end touring option. Here you get Disney quality without the theme park experience. They boast trips all around the globe, including river cruising. If this is something you would be interested in give Ambassador Travel a call today and ask to speak to Connie 920.236.7777

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