In Flight Delicacy

So I was all set to write about reviews on best luggage this week, but I will be saving that for a later time. On my quest to read every and all travel articles on the internet I stumbled across one on the best in flight food options. We all know the age old tale of dreading onboard dining, but these companies are making it a thing of the past. I am sharing the link with you below. But I will say that I have never had the pleasure of dining on any of these airlines. Probably the most likely for our travelers to take would be Virgin Airlines. When you check out the article you will see they have partnered with Dean and DeLuca to offer onboard snacks like gummy bears and gourmet popcorn. I don’t know about you, but that seems a heck of a lot better than peanuts and plain pretzels or should I say plane pretzels.

Anyway another cool idea that I have never heard was Singapore Air is offering a pre flight meal choice. So you are able to order your dinner before even boarding the plane. I remember back in the day of paper tickets I was asked if I was a vegetarian once before a flight to Europe, but this makes it much much more convenient.

Like I said above I have never had the pleasure of travelling on any of these airlines, but I have travelled on a lot and definitely have my own opinions. Obviously.  Of all the airlines I have flown the Polish airline LOT had the best food I have ever been served on a plane. It was Beef stroganoff and it was amazing. I haven’t flown them since, and this was in 2009, but I can only imagine the food has gotten better. I have also enjoyed snacks aboard Germany’s Lufthansa airlines. I know at least on their domestic flights that they serve Bavarian soft pretzels, which if you haven’t gotten a chance to travel to Germany are divine.


Please read this article and let me know some of the best and worst foods you’ve ever eaten on a plane!

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