Beautiful Beaches

varaderoAlthough travel in Cuba is restricted to educational touring the country has gems that some day I assume will be open to free travel. If you are Canadian or European then the city of Varadero Beach is probably quite well known to you. This 12 mile long stretch of beachfront is one of the most popular beach getaways in Cuba. Nestled just 75 miles east of Havana on a peninsula on the Northeastern coast this vacation town is a hot spot for the domestic and international tourist.

PV 01(1)Of all the hotel rooms in Cuba, â…” of them are located in Varadero Beach. This fun holiday location houses night clubs, cabarets, all inclusive hotels, golf courses and of course restaurants. Although you can find a taste of Cuba here the all inclusive resorts are not always the most authentic. This destination was once an escape for the rich and famous, but now it is much easier for the middle class of Cuba to afford. For a more authentic experience a day trip to Cardenas just a short drive from Varadero Beach will give you real Cuban food, culture and much more.

Once tourism is completely open to U.S. citizens I believe that Varadero Beach will be up there in the ranks of popular caribbean locations such as Jamaica, Cancun or Puerto Rico. For now we can dream about the most beautiful beaches in the world, and book a trip to Cuba to take in as much culture from your tours as you can. For more information please call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777

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