Double Dose of Club Med-icine

Last week we asked if Travel was good for your overall health. This is of course a trick question because the only suitable answer is Heck yes! Whether you bike through the mountains or spend your time sipping cocktails on the beach your overall health is affected in more ways than you could probably ever imagine.

First off, for those who like extreme and adventurous travel you are obviously getting a workout from being up and moving, even if you are just a simple tourist some of those days are spent doing more walking than anything else. I know when I have taken tours we would sometimes walk 10+ miles in one day. But don’t worry if you are more of a R&R type of traveller your health advantages far outweigh the bottomless pina colada effects.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, an annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%. Now these studies that I will be sharing with you have taken into account the variables that include lifestyle, health history etc. We all love to vacation, and with the clear health advantages you’re probably going to want to book a trip immediately, but keep reading, it gets better.  Did you know that after only a day or two of vacation blood pressure, heart rate and levels of epinephrine (a stress hormone) decline on holidays.

USA Today reports that taking time away from work and your daily routine can allow the body to replenish and repair itself. Leisure activities like vacationing can also contribute to higher positive emotional levels and less depression. With travel being great for both your physical and emotional health there are truly only positives to getting away, even for the weekend.

Because of activities throughout your time away vacationing can also contribute to a smaller waistline. How great is that? You get to get away and also stay healthy.

More facts for you: The LA Times finds that women who vacation at least twice a year have significantly lower risks of developing heart attacks and coronary deaths. On the reverse men who did not take a yearly vacation were shown to have a 20% higher risk of death and about a 30% greater risk of death from heart disease. And if you remember from above travel can cut the risk of heart attacks by 50%. Plus for anyone who is impatient, like we all know we are, the health benefits of vacationing can show after just one or two days away.

Overall travel is exciting, educational, relaxing and now a HUGE benefit to your health. There are countless other benefits of travel, that we would love to help you discover. For your next dose of medicine give us a call 920.236.7777

This week’s trivia question: Can travelling help your relationship?

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