Tote-ally necessary

We all know that travelling comes with its stresses. Between packing and all the planning (which you can leave to us here at Ambassador travel) it can be a lot to think about. Since it is thirsty Thursday I would like to introduce a product that will make packing your most prized possessions aka wine simple and worry free. The Meritage Deluxe Insulated Wine and Cheese tote is a great way to keep those bottles of vino packed away for wherever you’re off to next.

Aside from safe packing options this tote makes having a spontaneous or planned picnic just that much easier. For those of us who cannot afford or squeeze in a vacation right now, planning a romantic picnic may be just the escape we need to get us to our next adventure. Pack up your cab and pinot and your smelliest cheese (or cheese curds for the less refined) and head out to your favorite park, waterfront or even the back yard. The Meritage tote is only $69.99 and includes 2 wine glasses, wood cutting board, cheese knife, corkscrew, bottle stopper (like you’re not going to finish the bottle) and two cotton napkins.

With this set you are sure to be ready for any vacation whether you are driving, flying or just walking out to the backyard. Either way your wine is safe and you can travel with ease. To purchase your own wine tote follow this link:

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