Thats Norway to Travel

Welcome to the second set of my Norway series. This week we will move 190 miles Northwest to the city of Bergen. Norway’s second biggest city is known for many things, but it’s claim to fame is being the largest and most popular cruise ship port in the country. There is much to explore in this beautifully picturesque town surrounded by what is known as 7 mountains. Although they are considered 7 different mountains, this is debated. The most popular of the mountain is Floyen. With its easy ride to the top many people take this opportunity to visit the National Park located at the top. Here you can enjoy the many hiking trails.

Bergen2Although Bergen is a popular port stop for cruisers it is recommended to take in all the great aspects of the city, a 3 night stay is required. One of the most popular tourist attractions is the Bryggen area which is located in the inner harbor. Here you can find shops, restaurants and the Bryggen museum. Aside from art and culture, history lovers can enjoy the 13th century bergenhus fortress built in 1260. This ceremony hall is still functioning and attracts tourists of all kinds. The oldest part of the city is located in the city center, but has grown exponentially westward since the 1950s.  

imagesBergen is the center for tourism, petroleum exports, shipping, education and of course world class cuisine. If you love seafood then you will love Bergen. With trendy foodie style restaurants popping up all over, you’ll experience fresh fancy food at a fair price. Imagine salmon by the sea. If seafood is not your favorite, then a must to try before leaving the city is their famous cinnamon rolls. These sweet and sticky treats are available all over the city.

Bergen is a dream destination for any sort of traveller, whether you seek history, adventure or culture it seems Norway’s second city is for you. Because of its port location the weather is often wet and warm, so travelling with good rain worthy wear is important. For more information on Bergen or travel throughout Norway please give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment. Stay tuned for my continued Norway series right here on our blog.

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