Makin’ Memories Monday

When I ask our clients to submit testimonials from their trips I generally get a few sentences about their favorite experiences and then I do a little intro and conclusion on it. This week however Libby shared with us a beautifully written piece about her trip to Spain and her experience watching running with the bulls. So with no further adieu:

IMG_0942“Of the countries I’ve visited in Europe, the most authentic travel experience I’ve had was in Spain. Unlike my other quick visits to popular tourist destinations, I had the opportunity to spend three full weeks with a host family I had previously stayed with my junior year of high school. They live in a small town called La Vall d’Uxío, which is about an hour drive from Valencia. During my time in La Vall, as they affectionately call it, I was able to experience a cultural phenomenon not understood or accepted by many outside of this part of the world. This, as you may have guessed, is the bull run. This tradition is deeply rooted in this communities heritage and is something that I am grateful I was able to be apart of. We arrived at a friend of the families where we were ushered up stairs to their rooftop patio. The electricity of the space was almost palpable as the men removed the bull from the enclosed box it arrived in. The bull was tied to a large post and just before it was allowed to run free, the ignited two gasoline soaked rags that were attached to its horns. The amount of people running through the streets with this creature was too many to count, but the pride on their faces when they nearly escaped a run in with the horns of the bull was not easily missed amongst the crowd. This run went on for hours as men and women nearly got away by backing into doorways and diving into the barricades. Eventually the bull grew tired and the run was over. The experience brought me an array of mixed emotions as many culture shock situations do, but I was not there to cast judgement or to say what I thought was right because I was on their turf, experiencing a part of their culture that they hold near and dear to their hearts. For this reason I have learned to keep a open heart and mind when traveling because you never know what life changing opportunity might be waiting for you around the corner.”

IMG_0941Now isn’t this a bucket list item? Take a note from Libby and dive head first into this culture rich experience and travel Spain today! For more information call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today.

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