Let Them Stay At Versailles

When King Louis XIV of France envisioned his opulence his dream became Versailles. Although tragedy came to all who lived in the the ornate baroque mansion this beautiful home is a world renowned tourist location, historical treasure and picturesque backdrop for instagram worthy pics. Versailles was built 10 miles from Paris as an escape from the city for the Royals. Today people travel by train, bike and bus to get to the home of Marie Antoinette and of course rehearsal dinner venue for Kim and Kanye West.

VERSAILLES, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 18:  Illustration view of the 'Galerie des Glaces' in Versailles Castel whyle Pasteur-Weizmann Gala at Chateau de Versailles on November 18, 2013 in Versailles, France.  (Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images)

But what if it could all be just a bit closer. Don’t spend your next French vacation staying like the peasants do in Paris, stay at Versaille. How you ask, well a bid has been put in to turn one one of Versailles’s many buildings into a hotel. Three buildings that stand just outside the palace’s gates will be transformed into a high end hotel for guests wanting to live like Louis. Although there are no dedicated start/end dates the luxury accommodations will be named Hotel du Grand Controle. Here guests will be able to view Versaille from their accommodations and receive the all around royal treatment, minus the whole guillotine thing (sorry Marie).

For any of you history buffs out there this is a dream. I think staying there would be a way to really take in Versailles, but you definitely cannot make a week trip out of this. Maybe a night or two to really drink it all in. Then head back to Paris and the real world. Until then, give us a call to help schedule your next trip to the famed home. Ambassador Travel 920.236.7777

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