Where in the World Series: Norway & Cuba

Here at Ambassador Travel we often love destinations so much we want to promote the entire country. Instead of just giving you a brief overview of an entire country I have decided that I will be implementing a series of series for our newest destinations that we are looking to promote. If you are an avid reader (which you should be). Then you know a few weeks ago we featured Cuba as a destination. I took most of my information from a learning resource provided by Apple vacations so it was very tailored to their specific itineraries. I would like to spend some time getting you all more information about Cuba as a country and a great destination, not just about all the rules and regulations. Another big locale that we want to explore is Norway. So in the next few weeks I am going to do a series on both of these locations picking some of the hottest (and maybe not so hot in Norway’s case) cities that we want you to be aware of.

Please feel free to provide me feedback as this is a new adventure for me. I love to hear about what you all thought, and if you haven’t checked out the blog on Cuba, make sure to do so before you start this multi part blog that I will be writing starting next Wednesday.

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