Trivia Tuesday

Last week I asked what the longest (hours/distance) flight is. Now before I get into this, if you hate flying then you are going to probably need to stop reading. This agonizing 8,580 mile journey that goes from Dubai to Panama City takes 17 hrs and 35 minutes from West to East. Now let me just say as a slightly nervous flyer this makes me sweat a little bit. This flight begins February 1, 2016 and beats out the Qantas flight from Sydney to Dallas that comes in just under 17 hours. Leave it to Emirates and Dubai to go above and beyond the competition. This is a daily flight that will leave Dubai locally at 8:05 am and arrive in Panama City at 10:10pm. It’s return will be Panama City local tie 4:40pm arriving in Dubai at 11:55pm. Using the 256 passenger Boeing 777 this is the first destination in South America from Dubai. They are looking to be able to transport pharmaceuticals, electronics and much more from the wealthy and culture rich middle eastern city to their first south american destination.

Again, I know I already started my rant above, but OVER 17 freaking hours. I cannot image how that is even possible. I dread flights to Europe that are 8, heck I dread flights to Vegas that are under 3. This sounds outrageous. On a side note Emirates is a very high end airline that offers amazing first class amenities. But the thing that throws me off is usually if you have a sleeper seat you can drift off and wake up in your destination ready to go. Not for 17 hours you can’t! You would literally have to figure out a whole day’s worth of activities that you can do on the plane.

This week’s trivia: “Which U.S. lake has the coldest water”

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