Trivia Tuesday

Last week’s trivia question asked you to guess which hotel hosted the most expensive room in the world. If you guessed the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva Switzerland you would be right on the money. Speaking of money, this luxurious high end escape will cost you $83,200 per night. With a price tag like this you are bound to get the best of the best from what this hotel has to offer. Named after U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, this beautiful hotel is located in the United Nations Building right on Lake Geneva. The Royal Penthouse Suite offers 12 bedrooms as well as 12 marble clad bathrooms. With high end celebrities like Bill Gates and Michael Douglas these accommodations must provide a service as well. If you have the extra funds and can afford this swanky abode you will also receive a butler, chef as well as personal assistant for the duration of your stay. Aside from all the perks, the panoramic views are amazing. Some may say million dollar views, so in reality you’re getting a huge bargain.

Royal-Penthouse-Suite-at-the-President-Wilson-Hotel-GenevaJust for fun I checked what one of their normal rooms would cost, incase anyone was actually interested in travelling to Switzerland and they are quite reasonable for the expensive country. I only checked a couple of months out but the price is around $400 a night. So if you would like to experience some of the decadence it’s not completely out of reach.

This week’s trivia: “What is the longest continuous flight” 
For more information about Geneva or Hotel President Wilson please contact Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777

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