Alaskan Adventure


Have you ever wanted to explore the final frontier? Does an Alaskan cruise sound like a dream trip? Well look no further, I have a first hand account from Travel Consultant Liz that will have you rushing to book your next vacation. Liz is our cruise queen and has done several Alaska, Hawaii, Caribbean and European river cruises, so she knows the ways of the water.

“North to Alaska!”  This destination is an absolute must for people who love history, wildlife, and incredibly indescribable beauty.  Whether it’s seeing whales from your balcony, following the path of the gold rushers, or taking part in a dog team mushing camp where you can witness dogs training for the Iditarod, Alaska has something for everyone.   Once you go, you will probably want to go again, so don’t keep this on your bucket list.  Go as soon as you can so that you can go again, and again, and again.  It’s a place that is impossible to describe or appreciate until you’ve actually been there.”

alaska17-themesNow I have never been to Alaska, but I have done several blog posts about it and researched many different areas. I find it so intriguing and an Alaskan cruise is just a neat twist on what people think of as traditional cruising. The United States is a such a unique country because it offers so many different climates. Alaska is our most northern state. Here you will find some of the coldest temperatures from around the U.S. We also have tropical in Hawaii, Dessert in some of our southern states, as well as temperate for much of the midwest. With all these unique opportunities it is a great way to experience so many things all within one country.
For more information on travel to Alaska, please call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment

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