Make those Memories

The best part about our Monday blog is getting to hear from our clients and consultants about what part of their trip was most memorable to them. You could have 10 people go on the same trip and every single one of them may take away a different component. Maybe it’s an excursion, a moment in a historical place or just relaxing on the beach. For me the memories that stick with me the most come from the people I get to share them with.

From the entire time I spent in Europe both living there and visiting throughout the years the most memorable time for me was a dinner party that I had with my friends. What we were celebrating I’m not even sure of, but we were out and we were having a great time. It was me and 3 of  my closest friends I had in Germany. We decided to grab dinner and drinks and see where the night took us. We ended up sitting there for hours laughing and talking about all of our favorite moments from our time in Europe as well as what we missed about the U.S. That’s the great thing about trips, it’s usually not what you’re doing, but who you’re sharing the moment with. Throughout all of our testimonials we find that people really remember cultural experiences and times they shared with their family and friends.

Travel and vacation may be our jobs, but it is also a very rewarding career. We are able to help people make memories that last a lifetime with people they hold dearest. So whether you are looking for your next escape from your stressful life, girls weekend, family vacation or anything in between decide who you want to make your memories with and leave the rest to us.

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