Trivia Tuesday

Last Week’s Trivia: 1 out of every ___ jobs in the U.S. depends on Travel and Tourism.

If you answered 8 to the trivia question last week then you would be right! 1 out of every 8 jobs in the U.S. depends on Travel and Tourism. That means 12.5% of all jobs in the U.S rely on Travel and Tourism. With approximately 142 million jobs in the U.S that means that almost 18 million jobs in the United States rely on travel and tourism. Crazy!

According to the U.S. Travel Association both domestically and internationally in 2012 $600 billion was spent worldwide on travel. With ¾ of domestic trips taken for leisure people are really getting out there and relaxing. The top activities for travelers from the United States are: visiting relatives, shopping, visiting friends, fine dining and relaxing at the beach. With all this fun stuff to do it takes millions of people to make all this fun happen.

Now you may think you could name a few jobs associated with travel, but there are literally thousands of different jobs that are part of the giant hub that is travel. Obviously if you are reading our blog then you know travel agents/consultants are part of the travel world as well as pilots, flight attendants, and tour guides. But think about all the jobs that go into making a cruise ship run. I have a cousin who is an ice skater for a cruise line. Cruise ships also need electricians, sound technicians, chefs, bartenders, etc. Plus there are jobs that require travel as part of the job, so traveling nurses, executive assistants, yacht sailors. All of these contribute to the travel industry as well.
Travel is an exciting and always changing job that is for the adventure seeking person. Even take my job for example. I am the Marketing Manager for Ambassador travel, but what my job entails many would not think of travel specifically. I write blog posts, I research trips, I pin destinations and travel trips on Pinterest, I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected with our clients, all while staying a part of the travel world.

This week’s travel trivia: Which resort has the world’s largest swimming pool? 

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