Serve up the Fun

Often times I blog about travel alternatives when time and money are not on your side. Staycations can be great, but sometimes with kids being in sports, work and all the appointments a whole weekend isn’t feasible either. No worries, vacation can still come to you.


After I graduated high school I spent a year in Germany as an Au Pair, now I know what you’re thinking, how is spending a year in Germany the same as bringing vacation home. But just wait! Obviously there were many things about Germany that I loved, the culture, the language, the … FOOD. So this is what inspired me to give all of my wonderful readers options for when they are craving vacation, but can’t get away from their lives.

One of my favorite German foods is Reibekuchen, which is a potato pancake (much like a hash brown cake) served with applesauce. You don’t realize how much food can transport you to another time and place as much as making your favorite foods from various vacations. When I make Reibekuchen here at home I instantly feel nostalgic for the fatherland. If you’ve ever wondered how food can be so ingrained into one’s culture, try this little experiment. It’s a great way to enjoy a little slice of vacation just for a meal. We get so wrapped up in our lives that we don’t take the moments we need to relax. If you can set sail for just dinner, take that as a little victory.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.25.37 AMBelow you will find a recipe I use for the Reibekuchen, but I would love to hear f
rom all of you. What are some of your favorite foods from vacations?

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