Thursday Bloody Thursday?

Sobelman’s, a local milwaukee hot spot, made headlines with their over the top bloody marys. So I decided to do a little research on what makes these bloodies some of the best Wisconsin has to offer. When I went to the Sobelman’s website I found that they not only make one giant over the top hangover cure, but four over the top hangover cures. The Masterpiece is the most well known, other options include: The Beast, the Baconator and the Crown Mary. These drinks come with sausage, cheeseburger sliders, an array of vegetables and sausage. They can be shared, or if youre up for the challenge drank solo.

The origin of the first bloody mary’s are unknown, but the first reference to one in history began in the 1920 at the New York Bar in Paris. The inventor, Fernand Petiot worked at this famous establishment frequented by Ernest Hemingway and many other members of the Literati (see what I did there). This bar has also claimed to invent the very popular whisky drink — the Sidecar.
Regardless of its origin, the damn things are delicious. They can be a great start to the day and an even better way to cap off a whole night of debauchery. One interesting thing is that Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are some of the only places who do beer chasers with a bloody mary. My relatives were visiting from the East Coast and were so confused why we would need an alcohol chaser with our alcohol. By the time the weekend was over they were very much a fan of alcohol with a side of alcohol. I guess us Wisconsinites just do it better. Although I have had an amazing seafood bloody before and I can’t argue with how good that is. Do you know of some amazing bloodys that we need to try? Comment below or on our facebook page!

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