Travel Alternatives

Now usually I only share articles on Friday, but I read this one the other day and I really enjoyed it. I think that it is such a cool way to look at traveling to Europe and all the alternative cities are places that I’ve never been. Me and my sister were talking about our next big trips we wanted to take and she said something about not wanting to visit anything touristy. This got me thinking about this article and how some people really do want the beauty and culture of Europe, but don’t need to stand in line for hours with a bunch of other tourists to enjoy it. We aren’t all Kim and Kanye, we don’t get private tours of Versailles by candle light. But visiting these less popular, but still beautiful and culturally rich places will give you that feel.

I unfortunately have never been to any of the alternatives, but I have been to the places that this article is saying to skip. I don’t necessarily agree that skipping them altogether is the best advice, but I think if you have travelled in Europe and you have done the whole waiting in line to see the Mona Lisa and realized it wasn’t even very big thing, then this list is actually quite ideal. I have been to Europe dozens of times and for me this list is very appealing. It has now become my must travel list.


For more information on any of these destinations give one of our Europe experts a call at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!

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