I Like Big Hotel and I Cannot Lie


The world’s largest hotel is in fact located in Las Vegas Nevada, which boasts the most hotel rooms in one city in the entire world. The Venetian Hotel along with Sands Expo Convention Center and the Palazzo Hotel and Casino is Vegas’ and the world’s largest hotel. This 36 story giant boasts 4049 rooms, 3068 suites and a 120,000 square foot casino.


But what sets this hotel apart isn’t just its massive size, but what it offers. Vegas has turned from cheap buffets and Elvis impersonators to a very glamorous getaway for the rich, famous, and cultural lovers. The Venetian is home to the Guggenheim Hermitage museum, top of the line wedding chapel, the Blue Man group Theatre as well as a Paris Opera house.

It is host to Tao nightclub as well as Tao beach which hosts one of Vegas’ famous day parties and day clubs. The Venetian is also home to shopping, gondola rides, clubs, restaurants and much much more.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, The Venetian

I have been to the Venetian and it is massive, more massive than I probably even realized. You feel like you have been transported to Italy with the marble staircases and doric columns. It is a must see when going to Vegas. That is probably my favorite part about Vegas is that you can go into all the different hotels and stand in awe at their size and amazing air conditioning systems. They are all unique and offers something in their own unique ways. Even some of the smaller hotels like Harrah’s, located just next door to the Venetian come with their own style and party scene.

This Week’s trivia: 1 out of every ___ jobs in the U.S. depends on Travel and Tourism

For more information on the Venetian or any hotels in Vegas please give us a call 920.236.7777

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