Mile of Music: What’s on the Drink Menu


If you have been around the Fox Valley in the last few years then you know that it has grown exponentially, from business development, to festivals and so much more. As July fades away and we come into the last full month of Summer we know that Mile of Music is on the horizon. For those of you new to the area, or for those of you who just live under a rock and have lived here forever, Mile of Music is located in Appleton’s downtown. It is a music festival centered around Americana music such as: indie rock, roots, country, soul, R&B, jazz and folk. The festival itself provides both entertainment and education. People are given the opportunity to become more educated in music while still enjoying shopping, various food vendors and of courses drinks. Because what would a festival be without the drinks? Better yet, what would music be without the drinks.

635709329387268082-Americana-Pale-AleIn just 2 years Mile of Music has grown exponentially. This year it will feature 800 live performances, 200 artists at 65 different venues. As a sponsor of this event Appleton’s Stone Arch Brewery serves up a commemorative beer, which this year they have renamed “American Pale Ale”. The name, an obvious nod to the style of music present at the Mile of Music, is not only sold at the 3 day festival, but it can be purchased right now at Festival and Woodman’s grocery stores in Appleton.

So before you check out the Mile of Music this year August 6-9th, pick up one of their 1600 six packs sold at one of the local retailers listed above. You can also try a frothy pint at Stone Arch Brewery also located in Appleton.

For information on accommodations or questions please call 920.236.7777 and speak with one of our knowledgable consultants today.

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