Where in the World Wednesday: Cuba edition

cuba cultural toursNow that regulations have been lifted on travel to Cuba you may be ready to pack your bags and explore this mysterious paradise. One thing to remember though is that tourism, although now legal for American citizens, is not a free for all. There are rules set in place for traveling to Cuba from the United States that are necessary to your vacation experience. American’s need to be taking an educational tour to travel to Cuba. This means that traveling with a tour company, you will get to experience culture, food, art, traditions, but you won’t have a lot of free time. Your days will be mapped out in accordance to the travel laws set up by the American and Cuban governments. For people ready to dive head first into all the greatness Cuba has to offer, then this will be no problem. For those looking to relax on world class beaches for a week, this is not your vacation, not yet at least. Apple Vacations has set up a few different itineraries for their tours of Cuba, and the free time to lay on the beach is quite minimal. Tourists are required to be touring throughout the days while in the culture rich country.

travels-best-2015-ss-visit-cuba-011_596x334Other things to remember when traveling to Cuba: you can only use Cuban currency and there are no ATMs that will work. You need to exchange money right when you get to Cuba and take out the majority that you will need during the trip. If you are traveling with Apple, then you know your tips and tours are all prepaid, but you still will need money for shopping and what not. Around $100 a day is what is common for traveling here. There are ways to exchange money  throughout the trip, but they can be few and far between. Another item to remember is that your cell phone will not work here, even if you have an international plan. There are phones in the rooms at your hotels and internet cafes are available in some of the bigger cities, but it will not be a vacation where you will be instagramming your delicious food or the beautiful piece of homemade pottery you just picked up. It’s ok, you can instagram when you’re back in Miami.

Overall travel to Cuba is an exciting and new opportunity for Americans. It is a place held in time that provides cultural richness to the adventurous traveler. You will experience, arts, crafts, music, food and much more that will show you that this lost gem is worth the journey.
For more information about regulations and other questions regarding Cuban travel please call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777 or visit our website ambassadortravelltd.com to schedule an appointment.

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