Windy City Weekend


Living in Appleton gives great opportunities to visit many cities throughout the midwest within a few hours. This weekend I travel to Chicago for a fun filled sister weekend. Chicago is such a fun place to visit especially if you explore some of the different neighborhoods. My sister lives in Lincoln Park and if you’ve ever wanted to feel like you were in a small town while still being surrounded by the culture, food and shopping of a big city then this is the neighborhood for you. Lincoln park is located just a couple of miles from downtown Chicago. It houses DePaul University as well as hundreds of businesses, hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas.

Although I have visited her many many times this was a weekend of firsts. That’s the great thing about a big city like Chicago. You can live there or visit there dozens of times and never do the same thing twice. Friday night we had dinner at a tapas restaurant called Cafe Ba-Ba-Reba. It was amazing. Their classic sangria is on point and the food (all small plates) was incredible. We ordered 4 or 5 different things and everything that I tried got more and more delicious. I would highly recommend the chorizo wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese. My mouth is literally watering thinking about them. Later that night we decided to go to the Hotel Lincoln. Lincoln Park has many hotels that are quaint and boast beautiful classical architecture. Hotel Lincoln mixes classic with modern on their rooftop deck. If you want amazing views of the city, this is where to find them. We sipped a couple of glasses of prosecco while enjoying the magnificent sky line.

Like posts I’ve done before Chicago is a great place to take in a concert. In a recent post I wrote about one of our consultants who took Amtrak to Chicago to see a U2 concert. Although I didn’t take Amtrak, I did take in a Taylor Swift concert this weekend. Soldier Field is such an incredible concert venue. This weekend was definitely a scorcher, but with soldier field’s very open design and its location on the water, the weather really couldn’t have been more perfect. Taylor Swift absolutely killed it and I am so glad that I was able to get down to Bear country (yuck) and enjoy such a fabulous weekend. My only tip for taking in a concert at Soldier field is to arrange transportation beforehand. Me and my sister ended up walking quite a ways to be able to get a taxi because of the large amount of people trying for the same thing.

Overall it was an incredible weekend and I can’t wait to see what my next trip will bring.
If the windy city interests you please call Ambassador Travel today to talk about concert or play options, hotel accommodations and everything in between.

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