It’s Ok to Wine


I love writing about drinks that have cultural ties to certain countries, this weeks pick is no different– Sangria. Sangria originally comes from Spain and Portugal and throughout Europe only Sangria coming from one of those two locations can be labeled and sold as such. The delicious and refreshing drink is commonly made with wine, fruit, sweetener (honey, sugar, syrup, etc) and it can be steeped anywhere from minutes to days. Sangria comes from the Spanish word for bloodletting because the drink was originally made with red wines.

Although throughout Europe Sangria has been around for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years by some accounts, it made its way to the United States in 1964. It was first introduced at the world’s fair in New York that year and ever since has been a hit throughout the country. Throughout its lengthy reign this popular drink has taken on many different variations, one such variant is popular in Southern Spain and is known as Zurra. It is made with peach or nectar.

I made an amazing holiday one that included pinot grigio, moscato, apple juice, diced apples and cinnamon sticks. It was perfect for thanksgiving.

Here is a great recipe that I found for a more traditional Sangria that you can make at home:

1 bottle of red wine (I prefer Malbec)

¼ cup of Brandy

¼ cup of orange liqueur

2 tbsp Lime juice

2 tbsp Orange Juice

¼ cup of sugar

½ Orange (sliced)

½ Lemon (sliced)

1 Apple (peeled, cored and sliced)

1 bottle of sparkling water (chilled)
If you are looking to try the real deal and would like to head off on a vacation to Spain or Portuagal give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule and appointment.

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