Spirits airline


What happens when you combine travel hacks with thirsty Thursday? A party in the sky. Traveling can be hectic, stressful, long and mundane. I am here to help your experience the next time you fly. We all know in the post 9/11 world that travelling means lots and lots of security. Because of this we also know that we can only bring liquid in our carry ons if it is under 3.4 ounces per bottle and can fit in a quart sized bag. You’re probably thinking, yes I know all of this, why are we having a lesson in TSA regulations. But wait, did you realize that mini bottles of liquor are only 1.7 ounce and multiple bottles fit in a quart size baggy? Ok so now that I have your attention again, let me teach you this fun travel hack. Throw a few of your favorite spirits into your approved bag and once on board order a free, let me say that again, FREE glass of juice or soda or whatever and add your mini bottle to it. Yes you can thank me now, I just saved you like $8 times however many drinks you decide to have. Next time you fly enjoy your trip, gain a little liquid relaxation and realize the vacation should start the second you make it through security.

To help with our stress free travel please visit ambasssadortravelltd.com to schedule an appointment with our wonderful staff of travel consultants, or give us a call today 920.236.7777
*please note that some airlines will not allow you to open your mini bottles onboard

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