Trivia Tuesday


last week’s trivia: Which country takes up the most time zones

This week’s trivia may have been a little tricky because you can’t take it exactly as it is. The country that covers the most times zones is France, with 13. This includes France’s extended territories. France has territories throughout the world making it the leader here in the amount of different time zones it takes up. With France owning many islands in the Caribbean like famed tropical paradises St. Barts and Martinique as well as French polynesia in the Pacific many don’t realize they may have been to countries owned by the French government. There are also other islands throughout the Indian ocean as well as Oceana.

At one point France has owned at least part of over 100 different countries. They have established themselves in the world by leaving their language, traditions, as well as culture. With this knowledge maybe Europe and Paris aren’t your cup of tea, but maybe you are more interested in a tropical getaway? If so there is always a way for you to visit a country currently owned or formerly owned by the French.

If interested in learning more about current or past French colonies please visit our website and schedule and appointment with one of our consultants or give us a call 920.236.7777
This week’s trivia question: Which country has the most educated people in the world?

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