Train Adventures

AmtrakSometimes a weekend away is all we need to rejuvenate from our hectic and stressful lives. One great way to make the most of a weekend trip is by traveling Amtrak to Chicago. Amtrak picks up in downtown Milwaukee and the Milwaukee airport. Many consultants and myself in the office have used the convenience of Amtrak for a weekend escape. Consultant Connie often uses Amtrak to travel to Chicago for concerts here is what she had to say:

“You can either get on at Downtown location or Airport location. I prefer

the Airport because it is right off the highway. It is $6 a day to park.

It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to travel in a relaxing way to Chicago. You

are allowed to bring food and beverages on the train including beer, wine,

sodas, and mixers. Once at Union Station you are in Downtown Chicago. You

won’t have to worry about parking fees and toll roads and best of all

everyone can enjoy the journey getting there because Amtrak does the driving

for you. Once there you can enjoy concerts, festivals, shopping, and


Chicago is a great city because it has endless options for things to do, it is safe and it gives you the big city you need to know you have escaped from small town life. Chicago is hub to some of the best foods, art museums and neighborhoods in the country. Personally I love staying right downtown on Michigan Avenue. I love the options for shopping and restaurants all in a one block radius. I have also stayed in Lincoln Park. Here you will also find top notch eating, shopping and cultural activities.

If a weekend away is all you need, then give us a call for hotel recommendations, itineraries, restaurant ideas and much more. Visit to schedule an appointment to talk to one of our consultants or give us a call today 920.236.7777

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