Shop Local and Gain

Free Friday’s are my favorite because I get to share so many fun and interesting facts with our wonderful readers. This week a very near to my heart as well as a key component to Ambassador Travel’s mission statement is our topic– Shopping locally. Shop Local has become a huge marketing campaign in cities across America. Sure we all love to pop into little stores and pick up our favorite boutique style clothing, and food, etc., but there is much more to shopping locally than that. Here are a list of a few of the best reasons that I found to shop locally.

  1. Protect local business
    1. protecting local business is a way to see your local town thrive and build up. Its a way for you to invest in where you live and see your investments pay off with the continuous growth
  2. Community well being
    1. shopping local builds strong, safe communities. The best way to end crime is by building up a city. The more people and businesses the less crime. If there is something being hosted by restaurants and music venues there is less space for petty crime
  3. Local decision making
    1. Do you feel passionate about something going on in your community? Invest your money where you live and it’s like voting with your wallet. The more money you put into your community the more stake you have in the decison making. Invest in good and good will be returned to you
  4. Keep dollars local
    1. money that you spend locally goes 3x farther than money you spend outside your community.
  5. Jobs and wages
    1. shopping locally means the creation of jobs and wages in your community. The more you buy the more job opportunities there will be for your fellow locals.
  6. Entrepreneurship
    1. It’s the original American dream. Start a small local business and grow that business into your dream. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy

Shopping local helps artists, store owners, employees and you. There are only positive to keeping your money in your community.

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