Are you Ready to Darty?


No one does a Darty (daytime party) better than Las Vegas. Sure their nightlife scene is rivaled by none, but people travel solely for the purpose of its legendary pool parties. The most famous being that of the Hard Rock Hotel who revolutionized daylife. Pool parties begin around 10am and lines wrap around the buildings. With almost every major hotel having a pool area capable of hosting large day time parties Vegas really took an idea and ran with it.

The Hard Rock started hosting non branded pool parties in the late 90s. Once marketing and personal relations got involved the branding was not far behind. The Hard Rock’s pool area “Rehab” is now on its 12th season of hosting official daytime pool parties. Here you will find cool beverages, famous cameos by celebrities and lots of sunscreen.

Pool parties were started to get people to the Hard Rock on Sunday afternoons. This sparked something in Vegas and that’s how dayclubs began. This not only started a great new way to party in Vegas, but doubled business hours in Vegas.

To get your Darty on, call us today 920.236.7777 or visit our website to request an appointment.

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