Trivia Tuesday


Last week’s Travel Trivia Question: Which Country has the most paid vacation time? Austria

If you guessed Austria then you are right on! With 22 paid vacations days and 13 paid holidays Austria comes in at number one. This number can actually be higher for people who have worked in certain jobs for over 25 years or more or who have strenuous labor jobs. The United States is the only developed country that has no legally required paid vacation days or holidays. With 25% of American’s having zero paid vacation days throughout the year.  Looking outside of Austria, every country in the European Union has a minimum of 4 work weeks of paid vacation. Continuing my research it is interesting to learn that there is a distinct correlation between unemployment rates and paid vacation time. The U.S. with its zero legally required vacation days has an unemployment rate of 8.1% while Austria with its 35 paid days off per year (vacation and holidays) has an unemployment rate of almost half the U.S. at 4.4%. It seems that when people are paid to take time off they are not only better employees, but they take those days to stimulate their country’s economy, by traveling, and shopping and enjoying their time and money.

So, although we come from a country that doesn’t give us over a month of paid time off, we still love to travel! Take your “earned” time off this year to visit some of the places you have always wanted to go. Take a note from Europeans and stimulate the economy by travelling!

This week’s trivia: Where is the only place in the United States that has a royal palace?

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