Drinking around the East Coast

hotel-monaco-philadelphia-stratus-lounge1-680uw rev-house-43-300uw A-Morgans-Pier-by-Groundscore-courtesy-of-Morgans-Pier 4-restaurant-view-Nell-Hoving-0153 2beyoglu-copy

A couple of weeks ago I ventured to the East Coast for a girls weekend. I met my best friend Jennie in Philadelphia where we decided to take on the city one drink at a time. Now I’m the type of traveler who loves to have an itinerary and likes to stick to it, but for this trip I decided I mostly just wanted to spend time with my best friend and hope that we saw some cool stuff along the way. Like any traditional girls weekend this obviously included gossip, some sight seeing, and of course cocktails. And because it’s Thirsty Thursday I thought I would highlight some of my favorite drinking spots we stopped while touring one of the United State’s oldest cities. Plus the additional one day in Manhattan.

A few of the coolest restaurant bars we stopped at in Philadelphia are: Revolution House, Continental Midtown, and 4 Fathers. The first thing I can say about all of these places is that I love how they used their location to influence their names. After having some wine at the Revolution house we quite literally breezed passed the Betsy Ross house. Philadelphia is one of the only cities that I have been to where the history is completely mixed in with the modern city. Sure there are historical parts and then the business of downtown, but you can be walking around and bam you run into the liberty bell. Continental Midtown was one of the coolest restaurants I have ever been to, they had hanging wicker chairs and all their drinks were named after famous Americans of the past.

Because it is finally getting warm out we took on a lot of outdoor drinking establishments. If you want one of the best views of our life then Morgan’s Pier is for you. As you are drinking your Sangria (that’s what I got) take in a spectacular view of the Ben Franklin bridge. It’s truly amazing and for someone who loves history as much as me the combination was on point.

One of the last places we visited in Philadelphia was the Hotel Monaco. There rooftop bar is not only beautiful but so trendy and fun. With fireplaces and old world charm this hotel really knows how to do it. Beware though there is a strict dress code enforced so don’t show up in shorts and flip flops, this is a dressy establishment.
And finally we made our way for a day in Manhattan to see one of my other amazing girlfriends, Courtney. Here we decided that to really experience New York you need to just live it. We grabbed some mediterranean food and red wine at Civediamo Beyoglu and let the city take us where it did. This by the way was some of the best hummus and fried calamari that I have ever eaten. We stopped off for a couple dirty martini’s before heading back to Philadelphia at The Penrose NYC. I love New York because you come across such gems that can elevate a night with friends to a night you’ll never forget. Don’t forget to check my photos and book your own fun weekend to the East Coast!

If my East coast adventure interests you, then stop by our website ambassadortravelltd.com or give us a call 920.236.7777 to book your next trip!

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