Trivia Tuesday


Last week I asked you what percentage of American’s have cruised and to my surprise it is actually a very low number, coming in at about 15%. To me this is shocking, but in all honesty my view of people who travel is obviously skewed. I work with people who travel multiple times a year and I believe almost everyone in our office has been on a cruise, either ocean or river. 15% though still only means 1.5 out of every 10 people have ever cruise. To me this is shocking especially because of how huge the cruise industry is. Because I am so shocked by this number I decided to compile a list of the top 10 reasons to cruise:

  1. It’s a great value– you have almost everything you need all on one boat and almost everything is included
  2. See multiple destinations, unpack once– this is and always will be my biggest selling point about cruising thee more convenient a vacation is, the more relaxed you can be
  3. Cruises available for everyone– whether you want to take the whole family, journey by yourself, go on a romantic getaway or honestly any combination, there are cruises for you
  4. Ships come in all shapes and sizes– There are enormous ocean cruisers that have water parks, ice rinks, shopping malls and there are intimate river cruises where you basically can learn everyone’s name by the time your vacation is over
  5. You never really have to leave the ship– of course cruises off amazing excursions and the ports are a great way to see a variety of locations, but in all reality if you didn’t want to leave the ship you wouldn’t have to. The amount of activities on board are truly endless.
  6. Easy to plan– When deciding on a cruise vacation you decide on dates, the cruise you like, and an itinerary and the rest is really all included. Transfers, lodging, etc cruising can be very easy to set up
  7. Food– not only is food generally included in the price of your vacation, but cruise ships often hire top tier dining with chefs coming from the best schools in the world
  8. Relaxation– sure this could be factored in to a variety of reasons i’ve listed above, but the fact is a cruise can be downright relaxing. With spa’s onboard, often free child care, plus the pure relaxation of just laying by the pool, cruises have endless options for total comfort.
  9. Traveling the world– now we’ve already discussed not having to unpack, but often times you go to sleep in one place and wake up somewhere else. The traveling is done while you are dreaming the night away and each day is truly a new adventure
  10. Sharing your experience– Traveling can be a lot of fun and sometimes we meet people on our trips that can become great friends. You already know they like to travel the same places that you do, and you have a week to get to know them so why not.

This week’s Travel Trivia Question: Which Country has the most paid vacation time?

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