Disney Drinks

Disney is not just for kids anymore. A few weeks ago I was sent a link to drinks that were associated with Disney Princesses, Witches, and even some of the male leads, etc. I honestly couldn’t pick just one so I thought I would share the recipes with you all. I think the one I would like to try the most though is the Golden God. Now you are thinking ok, how can I incorporate this into my adult life. Well there is always the option of having a children’s disney party with fun cocktails for the grown ups. Or throw your own disney themed party. Although we may all complain about going to theme parties as adults they do end up being the most fun. So check out these delicious Disney cocktails below and enjoy.

Also if you do decide to throw a Disney themed party with cocktails make sure to send us the pictures, or better yet send me an invite! amber@ambassadortravelltd.com 😉

IMG_4042 IMG_4034 IMG_4030 (1) IMG_4035 IMG_4039 IMG_4033 (1) IMG_4040 IMG_4032 (1) IMG_4044 IMG_4037 (1) IMG_4038 IMG_4031 (1) IMG_4041

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