Riviera Maya


I have discussed in previous posts our Featured Resort section located on the homepage of our website ambassadortravelltd.com. Here you will find the resort we have chosen for the month. I have also already talked about or Riviera Maya Adventure going this November to the beautiful Ocean Coral and Turquesa with consultant Veronica. And although I detail hotels often I rarely talk about the places themselves. Riviera Maya is one of the most stunning places in the whole world and is worth the trip.

Riviera Maya is located south of Cancun and has one of the most exquisite beach fronts in all the Caribbean. Because of its sandy situation there is much to do outdoors. Whether you are interested in staying dry while working on your tan or scuba diving with tropical fish, Riviera Maya really does have it all. It’s main town is Playa del Carmen, but there is much to do beyond the main attractions as well. Relax on the beach, shop at local markets and come alive with Riviera Maya’s nightlife. Regardless of your taste, age or family structure there is truly something for everyone. Riviera Maya is also known for its ancient Mayan ruins. The most famous located in Tulum, Muyil and Coba. Take a day trip or spend the night, regardless these age old treasures won’t disappoint.

If you would like to experience the Riviera Maya or would like more information regarding our November getaway, please visit ambassadortravelltd.com or give us a call at 920.236.7777 and we would be happy to transport you to paradise.

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