Travel with Ease


Many of the reviews I share with you all come from the wonderful staff and clients at Ambassador Travel. I however am honored to be sharing my most recent experience staying at one of our Park and Fly hotels, whom we have a negotiated rate of $109 per night with, making it an exceptional deal. The Four Points by Sheraton was a great experience from arrival to departure. I had a flight leaving at 6:50 am and wanted to make sure I had a good night sleep and a hassle free morning, thus I chose to embark on this Park and Fly journey.

Upon check in I was swiftly given my room key and a code for the secured parking lot. I parked my car and retreated to my home for the night. Here I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the room was. Basic, but exceptionally clean with some modern upgrades. Because I needed to get some work done AKA this blog, I decided to order room service. After ordering I was told that it would be about 20 minutes for my delicacy, A burger and fries, to arrive. 15 minutes later it was here and cooked to my liking (medium in case anyone ever wants to bring me a burger). The food was very good and perfect to eat while I worked. After dinner I sat at the desk which provided me ample work space as well as a nice cup of coffee. I’m one of those lucky people that can drink caffeinated beverages at night and still sleep like a baby. After a few hours of work I retreated to the bed. I lucked out and got a king size all to myself. It was comfortable and I love when hotels use (alternative) down comforters, I always find that to be one of my favorite upgrades at hotels.

Moving on to the ride portion of my stay. I had a 6:50am flight, so I was told to take the 5am shuttle to O’hare. I made myself a quick cup of coffee before heading to the lobby and waited about 5 minutes (I got to the lobby early). The driver greeted me with a cheery smile and loaded my bags onto the shuttle for me. After a quick ride to the airport I was off on my vacation.

Overall my experience was pleasant, hassle free and more than paid for itself. It is great to start a vacation on a good note, but it also is important to have the peace of mind that my car is in a secure lot and will be waiting for me when I arrive.

Interested in a Park and Fly? They can be great for pre-trip ease or if your return flight gets in late and you would rather drive in the morning. Either way we are here to help give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to request more information

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