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Whether you love history, or just a great excursion, swimming in the Cenotes in Mexico can give you both! A Cenote is a natural pit or sinkhole formed by dissolving rock that exposes groundwater. They are very common in the Yucatan Peninsula and were used by the Mayan people for many reasons, one of which was human sacrifice. (duh duh duh) Although I have never experienced swimming in them, thanks to our lovely group of ladies at Ambassador Travel, I have some great first hand accounts for you.

“Swimming in a Cenote is really cool–both literally and figuratively. Cenotes are formed when the roof of a cave collapses and the underground river is exposed. The water is fresh and is not warmed to the extent that the Caribbean is. You can swim, snorkel, and even dive in some Cenotes. (Always do this with a guide) When swimming in a Cenote it’s awesome to remember the historical significance Cenotes had to the Maya–both as a way to transport goods and the religious uses. If you love history and want a different type of swimming experience, definitely swim in a Cenote.” -Liz Kaprelian

Liz brings up several awesome points about making this one of your must do excursions while visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Our wonderful owner Susie Leib also brought to my attention that, some hotels even have their own Cenote’s that guests are able to swim in. One of these resorts is Sandos Caracol, which is an eco resort, allowing their guest to really experience all the natural beauty that Mexico has to offer.

If this exciting excursion gets you in the mood to travel call us 920.236.7777 or visit our website ambassadortravelltd.com to schedule an appointment today!

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