Trivia Tuesday


Last week we asked you in what country the thumbs up gesture was seen as offensive in?

If you’re answer is Iran then you would be correct!

Iran as well as Afghanistan and a few places throughout Italy and Greece also take the thumbs up sign as offensive. Unlike in the Western world where it can denote a good job or approval, in these countries it comes off as “sit on it.” And although the majority of us will not be heading to Iran or Afghanistan anytime soon, it is important when travelling to understand the customs and practices of the people and places that you are visiting. One key take away from the privilege that is travel is getting to immerse yourself in an entirely new world. You get to experience new foods, new cities and new people. Learning how these people interact and being aware of cultural differences is a great way to really have a fulfilling travel experience. One great resource we provide here at Ambassador Travel to our travelers are a resource guide known as Travel 42. In these documents you will find a do’s and don’t section, that will list practices like the thumbs up gesture that may not be kosher in that country. If you are interested in learning more about Travel 42, ask your consultant today!

This week’s Question: Where are the next (2016) Summer Olympics being held?

For more info about the practices and cultural differences throughout the world please check back, as we are always providing our readers with up to date travel information that is not only fun to read about, but useful to our worldly patrons.

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