Jet Boat Journey

I love when I send the staff here at Ambassador Travel a request to hear about their adventures while out of the office. They always surprise me by all the wonderful memories that they have made on all of their exciting adventures. Connie was no exception to this rule. Last Friday I got an email asking if I would be interested in hearing about her taking a high speed jet boat while in New Zealand. Now if you know Connie a lot of what she says is unexpected, but this was definitely not the memory that I thought she would share with me.

“While in Queenstown, New Zealand we did a nature hike, where our guide proceeded to point out different locations that were filmed for Lord of the Rings. We then took a jet boat ride through the riverways where they do 360 turns and you have a really great time. The company we used was shotover jet. I would definitely do it again in a heart beat.”

I loved hearing about Connie’s adventure so much that I made her pull up a video of this fun excursion. I will share the link below so you all will get just as excited as I did about it. I love hearing stories about the different things everyone does when on vacation. I have never been to New Zealand, but my first thought definitely would not have been to go on a high speed jet boat. After watching this video and hearing Connie talk about it though, sounds like something that will definitely be added to my bucket list.

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