Patriotic Palliative

With Memorial Day right around the corner we are all gearing up for the launch of Summer. Part of that planning is for the start of barbeque season. And with every grill master comes a good drink to go alongside them. What could be more American than supporting our troops, past, present and future, than with a patriotic drink. Like many holidays here in the U.S. we seem to pair specific drinks to specific days. Christmas we have spiked egg nog, Fourth of July brings beer and spiked lemonade, and now we are here to introduce the Captain America for Memorial Day.

The Captain America is not only patriotic, but also delicious. From bottom to top you begin with 1 part Grenadine, 1 part Creme de Cacao and 1 part Blue Curacao.  Which, if layered right will in turn show off your red, white and blue pride.


Try this delicious drink, spend time with your loved ones and remember that we live in a great country because of the people that have protected it for us.


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