A Toast to Trivia


Welcome to my favorite day of the week. Last week we asked how many Champagne bottles were distributed worldwide each year. Let see if your guess was close!

Answer: 322 Million Bottles

Thats 241,500,000,000 milliliters of champagne or 1,932,000,000 glasses or A LOT of Champagne.

People have been making wine for thousands of years. Champagne is a simply sparkling wine. Champagne, although many companies do not follow the rule, can only be called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region in France. If it comes from anywhere else then it is known as sparkling wine. A secondary fermentation happens to produce carbonation, leading to those fantastic bubbles.

Champagne is one of my favorite drinks, especially real French Champagne. It can make any day feel like a celebration. One nice thing about the fact that the term Champagne is reserved for bottles coming directly from that region are that there a lot of tours to that area. Travel allows you to experience the world and all the magic that comes along with it.

This week’s trivia: In what country is the thumbs up sign deemed an insult?

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