Parking Made Easy

One of my favorite things to share with our readership are tricks of the trade. As travel experts we are always being asked what days flights are cheapest and when to book resorts when they have the best prices. Sometimes we can answer these and sometimes we can’t. So when we do have some good tips I love to get it out there to everyone!

Connie recently tried out Pre Flight Airport Parking at O’hare in Chicago. And she not only said it was simple to get to, but she highly recommends it. If you visit their website you can see maps, reviews and much more. You are able to pay for your flight before hand and recieve great rates. Ranging from uncovered parking to premium covered for only $7-$9 per day, its a deal you really CAN afford.

Although parking at the airport itself seems convenient, for $20 a day it is just not worth it. Pre Flight Parking offers shuttles from 8:00am – 12:00am every 4-6 minutes and from 12:01-7:59 they are by request. To simply leave your car have yourself shuttled right to your check in is way more convenient in my book.

We also offer a great rate with the 4 Point Sheraton Chicago, which is convienently located very near this parking structure. Sometimes staying the night before is a huge stress relief, not having to get up at ungodly hours and drive to Chicago. So between these two options we are here to make your days of travel easy and stressfree.

give us a call today to help you set up either of these two great options! 920.236.7777 or request an appointment at

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