Julep Journey


Because the Derby was last week I thought we’d be festive by discussing how the Kentucky Derby and Mint Juleps are considered a great pair.

Mint Juleps have been served as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby since 1938. Over the course of the two day event over 120,000 juleps are served and consumed, most all in souvenir mugs. Every year an extremely premium Julep is offered with proceeds going to various charities supported by Churchill downs and the Kentucky Derby. This limited libation cost $1000, is served in a gold plated cup with a silver straw. Though the ingredients are the same as a regular derby drink, they are from the top locations around the globe. Although Woodford reserve bourbon is the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby, this premium Julep is made with its most high end of the reserve. They import mint from Ireland, spring water ice cubes from the Bavarian Alps and sugar from Australia. Now that is one fancy drink!

To make your own Mint Julep you will need: mint leaves (spearmint is most common in the south), bourbon, sugar and water. A lot of recipes exchange the water for simple syrup. A traditional julep is served in a silver or pewter mug and is only held on the bottom or around the rim, to allow frost to form on the mug. This keeps the drink at an optimal temperature for freshness.

Now I don’t know about you, but this makes me want to pull out my oversized sun hat, strap on some heels and get myself down to Kentucky. Mint Juleps are tasty, refreshing and really do add to the rich history of the Kentucky Derby. Although the fun is over this year, let us send you off on your Julep Journey next spring! Call Ambassador Travel today 920.236.7777

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