Pack Light

One of the best parts of working in the travel industry is sharing our experience with our clients. We provide expert advice on the best resorts, destinations and excursions. But another component is giving tips on how to travel safe and smart. One of our most frequently asked questions is about baggage. With some airlines charging fees for both carry on and checked bags people are always looking for ways to reduce the bulk in their luggage. Fret no more, I have found your answer!

Because I am the goddess of all things media I like to spend my time reading countless articles on every corner of the travel world. I read safety alerts, hottest locations for a summer get-aways and when is the best time to book an airline ticket. One of the best articles that I have come across makes packing light easy and memorable.

When we set off out on our latest journey we don’t always have endless room for our entire wardrobe. The classic overpacker in me cringes at the thought of leaving my newest shoes or top behind, but with this method you maximize your wardrobe, while still packing light.  It’s known as the 5-4-3-2-1 method. The 5 stands for the number of tops you are allowed to bring. Now depending on your vacation location (see what I did there) this may need to be altered slightly, but pack according to the agenda of your trip. No matter where you are traveling, or what the climate though, I always recommend taking along at least 1 nicer top. You never know where the world will take you. Moving along, the 4 stands for bottoms. Bottoms are very versatile and can be combined into a number of different outfits. Jeans are always a must. But make sure to include a skirt, shorts and dress pants in there depending on your destination. The 3 stands for accessories. This can include a purse, belt, backpack, or any number of things that you may need for this trip. The 2 stands for shoes. Here is where I always run into my problem. I feel like I need to bring a pair of shoes to go with all my outfits. Again, as I’ve said before stick to what you need. A comfy pair of shoes, whether thats tennis shoes, loafers or a pair of leather flats are always a must. When on vacation we tend to do a lot of walking so comfortable shoes can make or break an entire week. And finally 1, this stands for that must have item. Maybe its a swimsuit for a beach location, maybe its a jacket. Whatever that item is here is your chance to pack it.

Now I know this list is limited, and I would not recommend sticking to the 5-4-3-2-1 if you are going on a month long trip. But if you are looking to pack light and you will be gone around a week this is a great way to limit your packing and maximize your potential.


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