Trivia Tuesday


Welcome back quiz masters! Last week’s question stated: What is the smallest independent nation on earth?” If you guessed Vatican City, then you were correct! This may have stumped you, as a likely guess would be Monaco.

Although the country may be small it comes with a rich history. While touring Rome some may not even realize that they’ve crossed over to a new country when entering Vatican City. It shares a 2 mile border with Italy and owns about 100 acres of land. In comparison Vatican City is only 1/8th the size of New York’s Central Park. At one point in history Vatican City owned many small city states throughout Italy, but were confined to their small land after hundreds of years of wars. In the 1920s Benito Mussolini (yes the fascist dictator) signed Vatican City into existence. Vatican City houses the smallest standing army in the world, and although the Swiss Guard appear to be strictly ceremonial, they are still extensively trained and highly skilled marksmen. Because of the light pollution (like actual light, not like a light version of pollution) that Vatican City emits they own a telescope in Tuscon Arizona to study astronomy.

Well now that I just dropped that large knowledge bomb on you I guess it’s time to get around to this week’s question. This week is a little harder. From the list below match the U.S. city with it’s nick name.

  1. Boston, Massachusetts a. Second City
  2. Detroit, Michigan b. Bean Town
  3. Portland, Oregon c. Rose City
  4. Chicago, Illinois d. MoTown

Don’t forget to leave your guess in the comments! And give us a call to send you to one of these great cities 920.236.777 or visit our website to request an appointment.

Submit your guesses in the comment section below or on our facebook page. And don’t forget to call Ambassador Travel 920.236.7777 or schedule an appointment on our website so we can send you to one of these fabulous cities.

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