Disney Magic


Sometimes the best memories take a little more work and a little more time to achieve than others. Susie Leib, owner of Ambassador Travel, has shared a special memory with me about her 2015 Disney trip with her daughters.

“We stood in line for over 90 minutes to see Elsa and Anna. The wait was long but it turned out to be some great mommy/daughter time. Their faces were priceless when it was finally their turn.  They still talk about how special that was, truly a great memory for all of us!”

Now even if you don’t have kids or you’ve never been to Disney, you definitely know who Anna and Elsa are. The stars of one of Disney’s most popular movies, Frozen, are cartoon royalty. Watch out Cinderella these Princesses have taken over and become basically cartoon moguls. As described above Susie and her girls had to wait in line over an hour and a half just to have a few minutes with Anna and Elsa. Many parents would not have taken the time or the patience to be able to wait in line, but it proved to be one of the best memories of their entire vacation. Of course it’s easier to bribe your kids with the latest toy to avoid the lines, but sometimes that hour and a half will become such a big part of your children’s memories that it is definitely worth it. Even though I don’t have kids, I know that getting to spend an hour and a half of real bonding time with someone I love can make 90 minutes more valuable than 100 years.

Maybe it’s the magic of Disney or maybe it’s family vacations in general, but memories like these are what make the travel business one of the best.

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