Drink, Eat, Socialize?

Is it Thirsty Thursday already? Yup you better believe it, the week is winding down and it’s time to grab yourself a cold one.


Although the nightlife scene in Vegas is comparable to none. I am going to share a hot spot that I know you will enjoy. Everywhere you go in Vegas you can get an overpriced drink, dance the night away and wake up to repeat the whole crazy shenanigan over again. But for a bar to compete in the party capital of the world they have to have an angle. Do you love a martini list that will leave your head spinning, even before your first drink? If so then Red Square Restaurant and Lounge located in Mandalay Bay is your next stop. Between happy hour, a vodka tasting and signature drinks there’s certainly enough to go around. Don’t be scared off by the statue of former Russian leader Vladimir Lenin located just outside the lounge. This bar is revolutionary, pun intended, and serves up drinks and cocktails that will have your tastebuds and head buzzing.

This restaurant/bar is definitely on my bucket list for the next time that I am in Vegas. I love a bar that can take a theme and capitalize on it. Or communize on it? I kid, I kid.  Sure we’ve had our problems with Russia, who hasn’t, but to take a theme where you can provide patrons good food and good drinks its just smart business. I know that after a couple gin martinis I will be taking selfies with Lenin before I make my way to the next Vegas hotspot. For more information on Red Square Restaurant and lounge and Las Vegas vacations request an appointment on our website ambassadortravelltd.com or give us a call 920.236.7777


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